How I Got My Agent

It’s been a dream of mine to write one of these blog posts! I can’t believe I’m actually really getting to do this.

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I entered the trenches in July 2014 with a YA fantasy that was so brilliant I was sure I’d have an agent in a week. Now, I look at that manuscript and my eyes burn. However, before I did that, I ended up on QueryShark! It took a looooooong time until I figured out how to write the best query I could, and now I consider myself pretty good at them, but it definitely was not easy.

Anyways, the fantasy garnered a tiny amount of requests until I eventually shelved the ms.  In January 2015 I began querying a YA contemporary and immediately saw an improvement, but that still wasn’t the right manuscript.

In the summer I started work on a new story. I fell in love with this story and my characters. It started to feel like The One.

I wrote the first draft in a mad dash of three weeks, and at 4:29am on July 8, 2015, I had 65,751 words and a completed first draft.

I set it aside for a bit so I could approach revisions objectively, but then got to work because Pitch Wars was coming up! Pitch Wars was like this dreamy amazing contest of wonders to me, and I really wanted to be a part of it. I relished the chance to work with a mentor, learn more about writing and revising, and perhaps gain a whole new community of writers.

I stalked researched all the mentors thoroughly. I read their wish lists; if they had been mentors in 2014 I read their mentee’s entries; I followed and interacted with them on Twitter. I made lists and then made more lists. Picking 5 people to submit to was hard, but I eventually did and sent my entry off! Even if I didn’t get picked, I was hopeful I’d at least get some feedback on the opening pages I could use.

Well, I got more than that. The amazing Kes Trester and Jennifer Hawkins requested my manuscript, and then they did this:

Pitch Wars List

The revision period of Pitch Wars consisted of 3 rounds of edits, a lot of Friday Night Lights fangirling, and Austin Powers gifs. Kes and Jen were fantastic mentors. They didn’t look over my shoulder, but I knew I could reach out to them whenever I needed them. I had an 8 page edit letter that never felt overwhelming. And I just worked, cutting and adding to the manuscript, delving deeper into my main character and her anxiety, learning new parts of her.

The other important thing I gained from Pitch Wars was the mentee group!! I don’t know how I would have made it through the Agent Round and all its horror/anxiety/excitement if I didn’t have that safe corner of the internet. I still love that corner of the internet.

All I have to say about Pitch Wars is you should definitely take a chance and submit your manuscript, because you never know. It could change your life. 🙂

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In between PW revising and revising on my own/with CPs, I also found some beta readers, who offered invaluable feedback on my manuscript. So definitely get beta readers!!

The Pitch Wars Agent Round happened and I almost had a breakdown, but then I got a bunch of requests and I was happy and excited and like “I’m gonna have an agent by Christmas!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.”

ha ha. No. It took longer than I thought, but then finally, one day in March I got The Email of My Life.

sue excitement

It just so happened I was leaving for Toronto the following day. I nudged the other agents, packed my bags, and fluctuated between BEST DAY EVER and OMG ANXIETY STRESS BALL (so just like that scene in TANGLED).

It was a crazy hectic time full of all the emotions. I went on my trip, hung out with my friend and CP Alwyn Hamilton (#PenguinTeenOnTour), and refreshed my inbox constantly.

I got another life changing email in the airport on my way home Monday evening, and the joy of it carried me through the 2 extra hours I spent on Toronto’s runway (scary winds back home delayed take off D:).

On Wednesday morning, I was on the subway heading to class when I got an email from DREAM AGENT. It was short and said she wanted to talk.

I immediately called my mom, as one does.

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We went back and forth before we could arrange a time. Dream Agent had to push some stuff around to make my deadline, but when she got back to me she gave me plenty of availability to choose from on Friday. I chose 5pm figuring I might need some extra time between another appointment. But on Friday I ended up being free around 3 (much earlier than expected) so I sent Dream Agent an email telling her we could have our call at 4 if she was still free then.

The waiting was hard. I didn’t know how I’d pass an hour if I didn’t have anything to do.

I promptly got an email back with “I can call you now!” (cue: more flails)

So she called me. We talked for nearly an hour and it was lovely and I knew she was perfect for me. She was interested in my voice and my writing and just me. We had some laughs, talked books, and the future, and a part of me kept saying this is good, this is so good, this is everything. Now I know why it’s THE Call. This was the call.

I signed with Heather Flaherty (aka Dream Agent) at The Bent Agency, and I’m so excited to continue my writing journey with an amazing agent at my side.

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Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

now's when my life begins

I’m not freaking out, are you freaking out? I’m actually writing a Pitch Wars Mentee Bio. Guys, I’ve wanted to write one of these for a very long time. Okay, onto the fun stuff!

Hi, I’m Michella (Me-kel-la).


I’m totally normal! 🙂 Feel free to call me Mic (like Mick Jagger or Mickey Mouse). I’m part Italian, Filipino, and Indian. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I love New York, but I also really love London so I don’t know, maybe after college there could be a move across the pond.

11063176_10205243986572568_1326629185_n DSCN0930
The Cloisters in NYC and Parliament/Big Ben from The Eye. Where do I belong????


I’ve written a YA Contemporary called Lady Hamlet in which my lovable and dramatic MC decides to stage a gender swapped version of Hamlet but doesn’t realize that’s easier said than staged. At the core it’s a story about female friendship but also has some anxiety, kissing, family woes, and play rehearsals. Link to the Pinterest board if you’d like! It’s pretty.

writing2 A self portrait. The likeness isn’t exact.



Going to museums and impersonating the art
1016269_3846477618252_264072107_n1512513_712660705425030_1902187418_n 1554470_3846476858233_1273131298_n 1507070_3846476618227_2017260313_n 1422485_3846478778281_2079169785_n


Juicy buns, aka omggggggheaven’sfoodwhatisthismadness:
I do also love pizza. My dad is a pizza man and used to own his own pizzerias. Fun facts!

Tennis: (Wimbledon cap at US Open aka A+ work)


I also like making lists. As you can tell.

You probably want to know what books I like, sweet like-minded book people that you are. I shall tell you! I mostly read YA, but have been known to read stuff outside my chosen genre. Here’s a snapshot of books I curl up in the fetal position with:

jandy9780147508430_p0_v3_s260x420blue-lily-lily-blueFangirlWIP TheNightCircus tree grows brooklyn rebel of the sands princess bride anna kiss peter-pan stardust Harry_Potter_and_the_Prisoner_of_Azkaban_(US_cover) heist societynimona

*Pets screen* So pretttyyyyyyy.

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TV Wise! [I tried so hard to be selective] [also: FOOD NETWORK]

the musketeers orphan-black-season-2-poster8parks-and-recreation-tv-movie-poster-2009-1020482255onceuponatime_sdcc_poster_full Gilmore-Girls-gilmore-girls-2960621-1280-1024 teen wolf

Movie wise! [did not really try to be selective]

legally blonde Jurassic_park inception 10 things i hate Tangled_poster anastasia The_Empire_Strikes_Back_(1997_re-release_poster) Lord-of-the-Rings-Swords mulan sound of music Singing_in_the_rain_poster The-Parent-Trap-1998 breakfast club the little mermaid Road_to_el_dorado_ver3 back_to_the_future_poster_01 bend it iike beckham

Music wi–no, sorry. We could be here all day. Let me just say: Florence + the Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Rolling Stones, The Killers, Bastille, and soooo many more.

Fun Facts:

  • I broke my wrist/three fingers falling off my scooter when I was in sixth grade. I don’t know why I thought that was fun.
  • I used to write for the Vampire Academy fan page Shadow Kissed! Now that was fun.
  • I still love Build-a-Bear. I have a penguin named Tux and an owl named Fieryo.
  • My kitty is cute and fat. He goes by Timmy.
  • 20141215_173705 20141215_173718
  • I’ve never dyed my hair but I’d love to have blue hair like Karou.
  • And when I went to DC 4 years ago, me and my mom and fave tita and cousin made a video of ourselves dancing all over the city to cheer my nonno in the Philippines up, who was recovering from a stroke at the time. THIS IS THAT VIDEO.

What a great way to end!! Thanks for reading 🙂

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