may 18, 2016

Hi everyone!

After yesterday’s difficult and hard post, I wanted to write something lighter and closer to what I normally blog about. But first, thank you so much to all the love you showed me on Twitter. I may not have responded with actual words, but it meant a lot to me.

What I’m Reading
Still Torch. Woe is me. I thought I’d finish yesterday, but then I actually didn’t read at all. Writing the blog post took a lot out of me and I kind of lazy-ed around. Then in the evening my mom and I went for visiting hours before I met up with bestie for the night.

Okay, but Torch! I’m hooked. It took awhile, but I’m in now. The world has gotten bigger, and I love it. The ships are not without pain. And Kauf is giving me Boiling Rock vibes–my ATLA fangirl is showing.

feels atla

What I’m Watching 

Jane the Virgin.


dead ouat

I am a mess of feels. So like, the first 45 minutes of that episode were the cutest, most amazing, most adorable thing I’d ever seen and then WOOOOSSHHH *shit explodes*

heart palpitations

I LOVE this show SO much. It’s so funny, political, feminist, real, honest, and wonderful. I was really nervous about the season beginning because season 1 was one of the best things I’d ever seen. I flew through it in days. I was so scared season 2 would crash and burn, and for me, it had a few bumps when it came back, but then found its footing.

Ah!! I need season 3! This is going to be SUCH a hiatus.

What I’m Doing 
I mentioned I hung out with my bestie last night. I did indeed! Jess and I have known each other since la kindergarten. But we didn’t really become good friends until… 5th grade? I think? But from then on, she’s been My Person.

I texted her on Friday from Chicago when I was feeling kinda homesick and down about everything that had imploded in my face with Mel, and even though she was at work, she replied to me. When I saw her yesterday she was like, “I knew something was wrong with you, because you hardly ever message.”

I felt so Known in that moment, I can’t even explain it. So we went for frozen yogurt and I just told her about my dad and what was going on. She told me about work and boy woes. Politics. Sexism. NYCC. We looked at pictures from my trip. We planned a trip to Boston.

But the important things: the yogurt! I tried White Peach–much recommend. I also tried snickerdoodle for the first time–too sweet for me. My toppings are usually fruit (berries and/or coconut or mango) and graham cracker crust. Occasionally I’ll add chocolate chips. But I was PMSing, curious about how the 8 layer cookie would go, and Jess had nabbed some, so I went wild. Verdict: it goes well 😉

Side note, Jess’ froyo, below, looks like a monster because this was her FIRST TIME getting froyo (I’ve obviously failed her) and she didn’t realize she’d added too much haha. But she ate it all like a champ.


What I’m Thinking About
PEOPLE ARE INSANE–when it comes to the overhead bins of airplanes. I used to always watch people board the plane as early as possible, and was like, “Why do they want to get on the plane so early? They’re just gonna sit there forever.”

Now I know. It’s so they can steal bins that aren’t theirs.

So my flight to Chicago, I ended up being upgraded to the first row because I hadn’t been assigned a seat. I was one of the first people onto the plane, no one was in my row, and the bins I was supposed to use were full. When the plane landed, people from the back raced to the front to grab their bags in my bin, and it just created a traffic jam as all of us in the front had to go against everyone else to rescue our bags.

Coming home, I was in row 17 and again, reached my row before anyone else and the bins were full. This is ridiculous. Everyone, use your own bins. This has been a public service announcement.

bloody hell i need a cup of tea

What I’m Writing
Blog posts, apparently.

And tweets to Ron Howard to get a WOLF BY WOLF miniseries, haha.


Look, all the cool kids are doing it! 🙂


That’s all from me for now. Stay healthy, people. Be kind to each other.


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