may 4, 2016

Hi everyone!

What I’m Watching
Recently, I started re-watching Pokemon on Netflix. I was obsessed with this show as a kid, and I’ve been curious about how it’ll hold up what is probably like 10 years later. I have to say, the world-building in the first few episodes is blowing my mind. It’s really well done, and feels so effortless. I hardly remember anything so the story feels brand new to me in lots of ways. I’m looking forward to getting to my favorite episode which I remember in pieces–there’s a shipwreck and then Lapris (sp?) appears!

I also really want to rewatch ATLA and Peaky Blinders, so I’m gonna try to fit those in soon. They’re just perfect shows.

What I’m Reading
I pre-ordered The Rose and The Dagger by Renée Ahdieh, and I just started it today! I’m halfway through and loving it. It’s also just the most beautifully designed book ever, maybe.


I don’t read a lot of nonfiction or writing books, but I was in Strand yesterday and picked up this book called Steal Like an Artist. I was flipping through it, curious, and then it totally grabbed me. I loved the flow and the quotes from famous artists, and it was making me excited to get back to writing, so I decided to get it. It’s about creativity in general, not just writing, so I really liked that.

p.s. still recovering from my Raven Cycle book hangover, which I probably will be forever.

What I’m Doing
It’s FINALS WEEK! This semester I have an in class final (ethics), a take home final (literary theory), and two finals scheduled during the exam period (biopsychology and art history: illuminated manuscripts). So I’m in a permanent fog right now, and looking towards freedom with much longing.


But in between all the school stuff, I went to Books of Wonder yesterday to see 4 fabulous YA authors. The panel was one of my favorites and the best event I’ve attended in awhile. I’m convinced Susane Colasanti was an inspirational speaker in a past life. Judy Sheehan is the cutest ever (‘All the Hamilton!’). Anna Breslaw is really bad at pitching books/tv shows and the coolest person ever. Jennifer E Smith is as sweet as all her love stories.


I’m so glad I went to this event–I really loved Anna’s SCARLETT EPSTEIN HATES IT HERE, but now I’m so excited to read I WOKE UP DEAD AT THE MALL and the CITY LOVE series. I’m really looking forward to Jennifer’s next book too–she talked about it briefly and I bet it’ll be great.

But in news not related to school or books, I went to see an old family friend sing opera at her school over the weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be at another school play to support a friend’s little sister. So this has been the week of School Recitals!

But next week will be Chicago Fun Times and BookCon!! I’m SO excited.

parks and rec happy

What I’m Thinking About
-So the Tony Awards. I’m so happy for Hamilton–all those nominations are VERY well deserved, but I’m super happy School of Rock got nominated for a bunch of stuff. I loved THIS show. The music was great, the depth added to the characters was perfect, and it was just so much fun. I was nervous about it since I love the movie and wasn’t sure if it would work on Broadway, but everyone involved in the production did a great job.


-The GOP is a mess.

-I need to watch the Mother’s Day Jane the Virgin episode.

-Captain Swan better be engaged before season 5 ends.

-I should vacuum.

-I’m so happy I have a Pusheen calendar.

-The Man Book Club thing just reinforces the idea that stories about women are for women, and stories about men/written by men are universal. This line of thinking is troubling, damaging, and disgusting. Women are half of the population, their stories are just as important as male stories.

The Buzz Books sampler has chapter 1 of A SHADOW BRIGHT AND BURNING and it was so good omg I need this book.

What I’m Writing
I didn’t do a lot of drafting in April (understatement–I did like NONE), mostly because I gave myself permission to focus on school. I had a lot of papers and projects due at the same time as the semester ended, and then I got SICK right in the middle of April and was dying slowly on my 21st birthday. So by allowing myself not to write, I didn’t feel guilty for my lack of progress and it generally made things a whole lot less stressful. But now that I’m basically almost done, I got back into the swing of things and wrote 3k yesterday in #FantasyWIP. It felt so good to be back and I was surprised by the amount of progress I made. I can’t wait to write more and finish this baby!

What I’m Listening To
It’s basically been non-stop Hamilton since the album came out, but I’m listening to a lot of Florence and the Machine, too. I’m so excited to see her in June! It feels SO close. Also squeezed in some Killers today. They’re always perfect.


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